Meet the Boardwalk Kings

Step into the Portofino Hotel & Casino and enter a world run by four dangerous but sexy Mafia men who will teach you how to be a good girl.

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Get to know the hot and dangerous Boardwalk Kings and discover why readers around the world are obsessed with them.

Dante Luciano

Dante is the oldest of the four brothers and the next in line to be the boss of the Boardwalk Mafia. Ruthless and cold, he runs his casino with an iron fist and will burn down the world for his good girl.

Angelo Luciano

The dark and kinky brother, Angelo is gorgeous and deadly and has more kinks than a library has books. He can corrupt anyone, even the good girl.

Nico Luciano

Nico is the lawyer of the family but don't let his intelligence fool you. Deep down, he's as ruthless as his brothers and won't hesitate to shoot anyone who looks at his woman.

Stefan Luciano

Stefan is Angelo's twin brother and just as kinky. He gets off on dominating his woman while his twin brother watches and prefers that he joins them.

Love from Readers

★★★★★ "I could not put Boardwalk Kings down. I love Jillian's writing style and books."

★★★★★ “Are you freaking kidding me!! This is another banger from Ms. Frost!”

★★★★★ "This book had the perfect amount of steam, spice, and sexy times."

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