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Reckless Knights

Reckless Knights

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Book Description

I’m indebted to the Boardwalk Kings...

Dante, Nico, Angelo, and Stefan.

They’re the most powerful men in the city and own everyone in it. So when my father makes the mistake of stealing millions from them, the Kings come to collect on his debt.

And they want me.

Those ruthless men lock me in the penthouse at their casino, forcing me to work for them. I have a gift with numbers and can pay them back, but they want more than money.

So by day, I launder and invest their illegal cash. And each night, they claim me in every way.

They can have my mind and body, but I’ll never give them heart.

Not if I can help it

Book 1 in the Knights of Devil's Creek Series

Reading Order

Boardwalk Mafia Reading Order

Book 1 - Boardwalk Kings

Book 2 - Boardwalk Queen

Book 3 - Boardwalk Reign

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