Today, we're sitting down with the most loved and requested of the Salvatore brothers. Damian has agreed to give us a few minutes of his time, but not without giving me the evil eye for asking so many personal questions.

Jillian Frost: So Damian, my readers can't get enough of you. They tell me all the time how much they want more of your story.

(Damian stares into my eyes like he's trying to glamour me, and now, I'm wondering if he's actually a vampire.)

Jillian Frost: Okay, so let's get started with the first question.

(Bites nails as Damian removes a knife set from his jacket pocket.)

Jillian Frost: Damian, I don't think we need knives for this interview.

(He peels an apple with the knife, glaring.)

Damian Salvatore: Well, see.

Jillian Frost: Mmmkay. Let's get started with the first question. When was the first time you realized you had feelings for Bastian?

(Damian eats an apple slice from the knife, finishing half an apple before he looks at me.)

Damian Salvatore: The night after our parents were murdered in a plane crash. That was when I knew. Bash and I were temporarily living with Fitzy. He forced us to sleep in his basement on the concrete floor without any lights.

There was a thunderstorm that night. I was shaking so badly that Bash held me until morning and kept reminding me that everything would be okay. That no one would ever separate us.

My feelings weren’t romantic for him back then, but I knew there was something different between us. Our parents’ deaths changed both of us and made us even more dependent on each other.

Jillian Frost: What were your first thoughts on seeing Alex?

Damian Salvatore: I thought she was so pretty it made my chest hurt. She was innocent and scared. I knew I would enjoy breaking her in, showing her everything I liked while Luca watched us.

Jillian Frost: What was your first kill like?

Damian Salvatore: The first time was a mess. I wasn't prepared and got blood all over the walls, my clothes, and my body. Thankfully, Bash was there when I lost control. That was the first time we were together. I didn't want to stop killing after that night, not if it led to more encounters with Bash.

Jillian Frost: What are your kinks?

Damian Salvatore: The list of kinks I don’t have is much shorter but here are a few of them: bondage, dominance, exhibitionism, voyeurism, breath play, gagging, impact play, masochism, melolagnia (but only when Bash is involved), public sex, role play, wax play, and whipping.

As far as fetishes go, I didn’t know I had a pregnancy fetish until Alex was carrying Sofia and it only got worse with each pregnancy. I also have a cum and blood fetish. I’ve made Bash show me my cum on his tongue since we were sixteen. Except now he doesn’t complain about it. And you know all about why I was so excited about Alex being a virgin. I love tasting both of their blood.

Jillian Frost: What is the depth of your relationship with Bastian?

Damian Salvatore: Bastian is everything. My brother. My lover. My partner in business and life. I never believed in soulmates, not until Alex came along and made me see what was right in front of me. I can’t live without him.

Jillian Frost: Who's your favorite person in the world?

Damian Salvatore: For most of my life, it was Bash. Always him. Then Alex came along and showed me that I’m not a monster. But it wasn’t until Sofia was born that my entire life changed. My daughter is my favorite person in the world but don’t tell Alex or Bash.

Jillian Frost: Would you ever consider having a dog and if you had one what breed would it be?

Damian Salvatore: Alex is the only Pet I need. But if I got a dog, it would be a Doberman because they are very loyal to their owners and like me, not so great with people.

Jillian Frost: Do you like using different toys and types of play in bed other than knife play and bondage? Like wax play?

Damian Salvatore: I love using toys in bed. Bash first introduced me to them when we were in high school. He got me a surprise gift for our graduation that I make him re-buy for me every year.

Jillian Frost: How did Sofia's birth affect your appreciation of yourself?

Damian Salvatore: For years, I only thought I was capable of killing. So when I saw my little girl, and realized I was capable of creating life instead of taking it, she changed everything.

Jillian Frost: What is your favorite torture method?

Damian Salvatore: Knives. I prefer slow and painful methods over quick and easy. The kind of men I kill are disgusting and deserve what they get.

Jillian Frost: What are your, Bash’s, and Alex's birthdays?

Damian Salvatore: Bash was born on August 9th, Alex on September 23rd, Luca on July 31st, Marcello on December 18th, and I was born on November 13th.

Jillian Frost: That's all the questions we have for today. Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Damian. Do you have anything else you'd like to say?

Damian Salvatore: Your readers say they want more of my story, and there's a lot more to tell. But unless they leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, we won't know how much they really want the next book.

Jillian Frost: I couldn't agree more. Reviews help drive sales to a book and increase visibility on Amazon. So I guess this is goodbye for now...

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Damian!

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