Reading Order

Below you'll find the suggested reading order for each series

Princes of Devil's Creek Series

Princes of Devil's Creek is a dark reverse harem series about a woman forced to marry one of four billionaires... But what if she doesn't want to choose?

Boardwalk Mafia Series

Boardwalk Mafia is a dark Mafia romance series about four ruthless made men and their strong-willed captive.

Gilded Empire Series

Gilded Empire is a dark reverse harem romance series about a badass plus-sized woman and her three stepbrothers that have invaded her life looking for revenge.

Knights of Devil's Creek

Knights of Devil's Creek is a series of duets about members of The Devil's Knights. This is the conclusion to the story threads left unanswered at the end of Battle King.

The Devil's Knights

Forced to marry into a family she hates, Alexandrea Wellington will do anything to find her missing brother, all while fighting her feelings for two brothers—Luca and Marcello Salvatore. But she can only marry one of them.

The Devil's Knights series is an alternate version of the Princes of Devil's Creek series.

Sports Romance

All of my hockey romance novels are complete standalones and can be read in any order.

Campus Kings

Campus Kings is a five book standalone series about a team of college hockey players who will do anything to win the girl.

Elite Players

Elite Players is a 4 book standalone series about NHL players who are not without their faults but will do just about anything to score the girl of their dreams.