Boardwalk Kings

Boardwalk Mafia Series Book 1

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Book Description

I’m indebted to the Boardwalk Kings.
Dante, Nico, Angelo, and Stefan.

They’re the most powerful men in the city and own everyone in it. So when my father makes the mistake of stealing millions from them, the Kings come to collect on his debt.

And they want me.

Those ruthless men lock me in the penthouse at their casino, forcing me to work for them. I have a gift with numbers and can pay them back, but they want more than money.

So by day, I launder and invest their illegal cash.
And each night, they claim me in every way.

They can have my mind and body, but I’ll never give them heart.

Not if I can help it.

Sample the book

Dante pushed up his jacket sleeve and tapped the face of the watch. “I thought I said nine o’clock. It’s one minute past, and you’re not ready.”

I glanced down at my clothes and frowned. “Do I not look ready?”

And here, I thought I looked sophisticated in a blazer, pencil skirt, and a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps I found in my closet.

He lowered his arm to his side, shaking his head. “When I say nine o’clock, I expect you to be standing at the elevator and ready to leave. Understood?”

“Yeah, sure.” I grabbed my purse from the counter and tucked it under my arm. “Whatever you say, boss man.”

“Drop the attitude.” He steered me out of the apartment and down the hallway past the guards. “I’m not Nico or Stefan. You can’t spread your legs and get over on me.”

“Would you chill?” I groaned as we got into the elevator, the doors closing. “I’m on time. If you wanted me to stand by the elevator, you should have said so beforehand.”

He folded his arms over his chest, his broad shoulders looking so strong beneath his black suit. Dante always looked impeccable, like he ruled the world. “Nicodemus gave you specific instructions. But you chose not to follow them.”

“I’m not an idiot or a child. And you don’t need to speak to me like one.” As we descended the floors, I pushed off the wall and got in his face. “We have to learn to work together, or this will be a very rough partnership.”

He snickered, head turned away from me. “This isn’t a partnership. You are my employee.”

“Do you come to all of your employees’ residences to retrieve them for work?” I licked my lips on purpose, and as expected, his eyes drifted to my mouth. When he didn’t answer, I added, “Do you put them on your lap and threaten to spank them?”

His chest rose and fell an inch, just enough for me to see him breathing harder than before. He was good at maintaining his composure and hiding his emotions from the world. But I could see right through him.
As the oldest, he carried a lot of weight on his shoulders. He was used to being the leader, enforcing the rules for his brothers and employees to follow.

“You deserve a good spanking for being a brat,” he shot back, his top lip curled up. He looked like he was ready to attack me. “Unlike my other employees, you are indebted to my family. This isn’t an arrangement or a partnership. We own you. Now and forever until the day you leave this world.”

I pressed my chest to his, my breasts practically falling out of the low-cut top. His right hand twitched, and I felt his fingers brush the top of my thigh.

“One day, you’re going to lose control. And when you do, you’ll do it with me.”

★★★★★ "I could not put Boardwalk Kings down. I love Jillian's writing style and books."
★★★★★ “Are you freaking kidding me!! This is another banger from Ms. Frost!”
★★★★★ "This book had the perfect amount of steam, spice, and sexy times."

Reading Order

Book #1: Boardwalk Kings
Book #2: Boardwalk Queen
Book #3: Boardwalk Reign

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