Meet the Gilded Gods

Step into a dark and sexy world run by three Greek gods and a plus-sized heroine who's the mistress of a sex club.

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Meet the characters

Get to know the wickedly sexy Gilded Gods and discover why readers around the world are obsessed with them.

Ares Demetriou

Ares is the oldest of the brothers and a professional boxer who will throw down for his feisty stepsister who gets his blood pumping.

Apollo Demetriou

Apollo is dark and secretive, the mastermind of the group who is always plotting ways to take down his enemies... until his stepsister becomes one of them.

Atlas Demetriou

Atlas is Apollo's twin and the artist of the brothers. He has more tattoos than he owns socks, and his latest crush is his stepsister, who he obsessively draws.

Love from Readers

★★★★★ “Are you freaking kidding me!! This is another banger from Ms. Frost!”

★★★★★ "This book had the perfect amount of steam, spice, and sexy times."

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