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Alex Parker’s only hope is his new agent… or his NHL career is over.

After another scandal lands Alex in hot water, he’s traded to the worst team in the league. Even a defenseman with his skills can’t break their massive losing streak. And on top of that, he gets assigned a new agent who hates him.

Charlotte “Coach” Coachman is the top sports agent in the country. She’s made a name for herself with hard work and dedication and doesn’t have time for hockey players with more scandals under their belts than notches in their bedposts.

So she probably shouldn’t let Alex move into her apartment. Not when he's attracted to her bossy, no-nonsense attitude that makes his hockey stick stand at attention.

But their living situation is temporary...
And Charlotte likes a challenge.

She sees Alex as her latest project, another player to whip into shape. Charlotte refuses to fall for a player like Alex. Besides, a relationship with a client is unprofessional, and she won’t become his next scandal.

But if Alex Parker is known for one thing, it’s not following rules. And as he shows Charlotte a different side to him, she's falling for the player in the next bedroom.

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