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Tyler Kane is keeping a secret the size of his hockey stick… and will do anything to protect it.

After losing in the NHL playoffs, Tyler Kane wants to forget about everything, including his past. So when his teammate asks him to coordinate an interview with a sexy sports reporter, he volunteers for the job.

Kennedy Lockwood has the biggest crush on the the cocky player who has starred in all of her late-night fantasies and jumps at the chance to work one-on-one with Tyler.

Tyler is looking for an escape from reality, while Kennedy needs a story that can save her failing sports paper. And after an awkward interview that turns into a steamy date, they end up in his bed.

That’s when Kennedy discovers the secret Tyler is hiding.

So they make a deal.

Tyler will give Kennedy an exclusive interview that will revive her career. And in exchange, Kennedy will take his secret to the grave. But what started as a relationship of convenience quickly takes a turn down a path neither of them expected.

Tyler finds himself in a familiar situation, the same one that led to a choice he made eight years ago. The decision that altered his life and led to the deal he made with Kennedy. And this new secret they share is not one they can keep hidden for long.

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