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Jameson O’Connor is failing at love… and needs to find a wedding date.

After Jameson’s best friend asks him to be her man of honor, he thinks she’s joking. He’s reluctant to accept the job, especially when the bridesmaids think it’s funny to give him tasks like baking cakes shaped into male body parts.

Jameson can handle a few bossy women. But the women in his life are also the reason he can’t find a date to the wedding.

After growing up with a famous father, Regan Turner is tired of the NHL lifestyle and the drama that comes with it. So when a chance encounter leads to meeting Jameson, the sexy tech genius is a refreshing change of pace. He’s nothing like his famous friends and exactly what she needs.

Jameson is on the verge of creating breakthrough technology that consumes his free time. While Regan loves video games and is more than happy to help Jameson with his passion project, she won’t tolerate another workaholic after years of being put last by her father.

Jameson’s first love was computers. But now that he’s found the perfect wedding date and the girl of his dreams, he has to decide what’s more important–love or his career.

But what if there's a way for him to have both?

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