The Devil I Hate

The Devil's Knights Series Book 1

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Book Description

Luca Salvatore is cold and cruel.
The villain in our love story.

Our families arranged our marriage before we’d ever met.
A fate I ran from until my brother vanished without a trace.

Luca knows what happened to my twin.
He also has one weakness.


I will do anything to get my brother back.
Even if it means playing by Luca’s rules.

He thinks he can break me, mold me into the perfect wife.
I’ll do whatever it takes to tempt him into spilling his secrets.

Then, I’m taking my Devil back to Hell, where he belongs.

The Devil I Hate is an alternate version of the Princes of Devil's Creek series and has a different story where Alex has to choose between two brothers.

Sample the book

“You’ve never kissed a woman?”

Luca gave a light shrug, unaffected by my question. “I don’t see the point in intimacy.”

I leaned closer as if drawn to him by dark magic. “Would you kiss your wife?”

“I knew there was a little devil in there,” he said with a crooked grin. “But can two broken halves make a whole?”

“I don’t know,” I whispered.

“The correct answer is no,” he fired back, annoyed I didn’t know the answer to his stupid ass question.

Whatever pieces of his tainted soul remained were rough and jagged and would probably slice my heart into pieces. It was a trick question, and this bastard wanted to play a game with me. In his beautiful but cruel blue eyes, I could see that he was the Devil incarnate.

Luca tugged on my curls and pulled my face closer, lips pressed into a thin line. His expression was unreachable, as if he’d gone to another place in his mind while his body was still very much present and pressing against me. I felt the warmth and strength of his thigh and tasted the sweetness of the champagne on his breath.

An uncomfortable silence fell over us as he held me firmly. “You won’t like how this ends.”

His words sounded like a threat.
What the hell had made him so cold and hateful? Even with my horrible upbringing, I could still find the goodness in people, still find it in myself to care about others. But Luca was long gone, replaced by a monster with teeth and claws. I felt like he would suck the life from my body if I didn’t get away from him.

Every second in his presence had me falling deeper under his spell.
I slipped out of his grasp and hurried across the grass, pushing the short, frilly dress down my legs.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

He tipped his head back and howled with laughter. “Everything.”

Damaged and broken, Luca was the shell of a gorgeous man with a wicked slant to his mouth and blue eyes that sliced through me. He was trying to intimidate me. But I didn’t understand why.

“Why did you let me touch your scars?”

“Because you need to understand the cruelty of our world.” He lifted my fairy mask and cupped my cheek with his hand. “You’re so beautiful and pure, easy to break.”

I’m already broken.

His sapphire irises flickered, and I shivered from his touch. “Soon, you’ll understand what it’s like to be one of us.”

Before I could respond, my grandfather’s deep voice boomed behind us. “Alexandrea, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Get in the house.”

His words said one thing, but his face said, Get away from Luca.

“I was just….”

What was I doing? Sitting at the edge of a cliff with a sexy lunatic who made my heart pound with a mixture of fear and desire.

Luca glanced over his shoulder and smirked at my grandfather before his eyes landed on me. “I have to do this.”
 He leaned into me, his lips inches from mine. “I can’t help myself. I have to know….”

Know what?

And then he kissed me.

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★★★★★ "I loved this book so much. The impact that Jillian is able to create leaves an everlasting impression on my heart."
★★★★★ "I am not ready to let these characters go. Every twist and turn, I couldn’t help but feel for the characters."

Reading Order

Book #1: The Devil I Hate
Book #2: The Devil I Crave
Book #3: The Devil I Love
Book #4: The Devil I Desire

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