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The Devil's Knights Series eBook Bundle

The Devil's Knights Series eBook Bundle

Get the complete series for one price

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’m totally addicted to this series.”

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Book Description

Luca Salvatore is cold and cruel.
The villain in our love story.

Our families arranged our marriage before we’d ever met. A fate I ran from until my brother vanished without a trace. Luca knows what happened to my twin. He also has one weakness.


I will do anything to get my brother back. Even if it means playing by Luca’s rules.

He thinks he can break me, mold me into the perfect wife. I’ll do whatever it takes to tempt him into spilling his secrets. Then, I’m taking my devil back to Hell, where he belongs.

Get all four books in The Devil's Knights series for one price.

Forced to marry into a family she hates, Alexandrea Wellington will do anything to find her missing brother, all while fighting her feelings for two brothers—Luca and Marcello Salvatore. But she can only marry one of them.

The Devil's Knights series is a dark MF romance, not a reverse harem, and is an alternate version of the Princes of Devil's Creek series with the same characters but a different story.

Reading Order

Reading Order

Book 1 - The Devil I Hate

Book 2 - The Devil I Crave

Book 3 - The Devil I Love

Book 4 - The Devil I Desire

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A chill crept down my spine as shoes slapped the pavement behind me. Rushing down the dimly lit pathway, I cut through the south side of Haven University. It was well after ten o’clock, midway through the summer. The campus was desolate at this hour.

And someone was following me. 

Thunder cracked through the silence, and light illuminated the sky. Chills rolled down my spine, sinking deep into my bones. Another boom shook the ground, and I stifled the scream threatening to escape my throat. I glanced over my shoulder, but no one was there.

Maybe you’re losing your mind.
It was too dark to see more than shadows, but I could hear the faint sound of footsteps drawing closer. Another roar rippled through the sky. Tiny bumps dotted my skin, making the hair on my arms stand at attention. My hand shook as I reached into my pocket, gripping my Taser.

For weeks, I’d felt like someone was observing me from a distance. I would look up from my sketchbook at the coffee shop and sense him. But the second I turned my head, he vanished. The stalking had extended to Haven University, where I worked twice a week, assisting a world-renowned artist in repairing frescoes in my free time.

I told my parents about my stalker. Not like they cared. Dad laughed it off and went back to drinking his coffee. He said I was delusional. My mother threatened me with another involuntary stay at Haven Asylum, so I never mentioned it again.
No more padded walls.

No more restraints.
Choking back my nerves, I rushed across campus, using the energy to propel me. A hard sole, like a dress shoe, tapped the sidewalk. The sounds grew louder and gained momentum. He was maybe twenty feet behind me, so close I could smell him.

Maybe you imagined it.

You did once before.

I broke into a light jog and clutched the Taser, hoping my Uber driver was on time. The last guy was twenty minutes late and smelled like onions. He offered me half of his sandwich as if that was some consolation.

It wasn’t.

And with the footsteps moving closer, I didn’t have time to wait alone in a dark parking lot. My doctor still hadn’t cleared me to drive. So for the past few months, I’d used ride-share apps.

“You can run, Alex,” a male voice boomed behind me. “But why bother? Save us both the trouble and quit while you’re ahead.”

No, no, no…

Why is he here?

I spun around, my limbs trembling as I locked eyes with a tall, handsome man dressed in a dark, tailored suit. He styled his black hair as if he’d wanted it to look messy, a few strands falling onto his forehead. Cold, dark eyes met mine as I pointed the Taser at him. Despite his killer looks, the man who stood before me was dangerous. 

“Marcello, what are you doing in Haven?”

His strong jaw flexed. “You know why I’m here, Alex.”

I hadn’t seen Marcello Salvatore in nine months. Not since I had accused Luca of killing my twin brother. After Aiden vanished from Devil’s Creek, I blamed Luca for my loss. The police had no physical proof to suggest Aiden was dead or alive. And no leads. They closed the case after one week, which seemed rather convenient.

When Luca threw me out of his mansion and then out of the house where I lived with Aiden in The Hills, he made it clear we were over. I was never to come back to Devil’s Creek unless Luca summoned me.

“Don’t move another inch. Why are you here?”

He crossed his arms over his thick chest, ripped beneath the fitted suit jacket. “Your grandfather is expecting you.”

“Is Pops okay?”

“Yes, your grandfather is fine.” Marcello nodded toward the student parking lot. “Follow me.”

“My Uber driver is on his way.”

“Unnecessary,” he said in a stern tone. “Let’s go. We don’t have time for games.”

I held the Taser at my side, ready and waiting for him to attack me. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

He gave me a bored look, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Your grandfather’s life depends on it.”

I gritted my teeth. “What did you do to him?”

“Nothing.” He scratched the corner of his jaw with an evil grin. “Yet.”

“No, Marcello.” I approached him, careful to keep my distance. “You don’t get to say something like that about Pops and not tell me why you’re really here.”

“You can call him on our way to the airport.”

I couldn’t trust Marcello or his family. They were thieves and murderers disguised in Brioni suits. The Salvatores did nothing but lie and cheat to get what they wanted.

Marcello’s gaze lowered to the Taser in my hand. “Can you handle such a powerful device in your condition?”

Anger ripped through my insides, burning me from the inside out. He had no right to speak about my medical condition.

“Don’t you dare. Not after what your brother did to me.”

He smirked. “What did he do to you? You seem to have different memories from mine.”

“Fuck you! I don’t care what you remember. I’m not going back to that nightmare of a town with you.”

He removed his hands from his pockets and stepped toward me. “You don’t have a choice.”

I pushed my hand out in front of me, and he halted like a good dog. “Why are you here instead of Luca?”

“He’s in Italy on a business trip. Luca will be home on Saturday for my father’s Midsummer Night’s Dream masquerade ball.”

The same party where Luca and I first met.

Headlights flashed from a distance, rounding the corner at the top of the hill. Relief washed over me. Of course, my driver was late again. Did any of them ever show up on time? He could have saved me a lot of grief.

“Our power has no limits.” Marcello’s deep voice rolled over me like a storm, sending shivers down my arms. “Don’t make me chase you, Alex.”

“I like the chase,” I taunted, but Marcello didn’t like the threat.

He moved so fast he was standing in front of me within seconds.

Pointing the Taser at him, I muttered, “Stay where you are.”

His eyes darted down the street, snickering as the car approached us. “You think a Taser will stop me? And here, I thought you were a smart woman.”

He pushed his suit jacket to the side, revealing the two guns strapped to his chest.

“You won’t shoot me.”

He narrowed his eyes, a challenge on his face. “Are you willing to take that chance?”

I reached into the messenger bag on my shoulder and fished out my cell phone.

“Don’t even think about calling the cops,” he warned.

“Like they can help me,” I shot back as I dialed Pops.

The phone rang once before my grandfather answered. “Alex, I was just about to call you. Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I breathed. “Marcello Salvatore is in Haven. He says you sent him. Is that true?”

A red-haired man parked a silver Honda Civic at the curb beside us and rolled down the window. “Are you Alexandrea?”

I waved to acknowledge the driver, speaking into the phone. “Pops, did you send Marcello?”

He released a deep sigh. “Not exactly.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s complicated.”

That’s an understatement.

Marcello bent down in front of the window and whispered something to the Uber driver. Shit. This was my only chance to escape him. He handed the guy money for the inconvenience, even though I had paid in the app.

“I’m sorry, princess,” Pops said in a hushed tone. “I tried… Just go with Marcello. He’ll make sure you get to Devil’s Creek. He won’t hurt you.”

After what they did to Aiden, I couldn’t trust them. They knew what had happened to my brother.

“I can’t leave….” My voice trembled as I spoke. “I’m halfway through the chapel restoration with Madeline Laveau.”

“This can’t wait, Alex.”

“But I’ll never get another opportunity like this. Madeline will never work with me again.”

“Let me handle her,” he said in an authoritative tone. “I will explain everything when you arrive.”

No matter how much I hated Luca, I had no choice. Pops needed me. Keeping my gaze on Marcello, I turned off the Taser and shoved it into my bag. A horrible feeling churned in my gut, but I tried to ignore my body rejecting my decision.

“Okay,” I agreed. “But I want answers.”

Pops let out a relieved breath. “I’ll see you soon, princess.”

Marcello flashed a satisfied grin like he won the game because the Salvatores always got their way.

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